Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas

Wearing: Sweatshirt: Esprit (find it here) // Beanie: Primark //

One of the most beautiful times of the year is finally here! Time full of happiness and moments with people with love. Wish you a Merry Christmas and incredible holidays!!!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Outfit inspiration: D&G Elegance

Look inspired by Dolce and Gabbana's sensuality and fiminity. Classy but still stylish outfit because of the ripped jeans and statement beanie with pom-pom at the top. The elegant touch gives the iconic Miss Sicily bag, which reflects the Italian ladylike glamour. All these pieces and much more from the new collection are found here on Fartech Web store.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Overknees season

Wearing: Knit, Jeans: Zara // Overknees: Primark // Watch: Triwa // Clutch: H&M //

Cold winter is almost there, and we have to put warmer clothes and shoes on. Overknees is not only the best but also the prettiest solution for this. Lately you can see them everywhere! Actually I’m not a big fan of all this trends and not trying to get all this trendy things, but I have to tell you, overknees are the ultimate “must” even for me! Also I have one trick for you: to make your legs thinner and longer, try to wear this boots only with skinny jeans, which you can put inside! Wish you a great end of the weekend. :*

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Wish you a great sunday!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Beauty in details


I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design with all their pure and simple style, clear lines and elegance. Since we’ve moved into new flat, I was trying to decorate the space in a similar style. One of the important things is the furniture and little accessories, which makes every room more liveable and cozy.
Fresh flowers at home are the “must”: they will make your space not only look prettier and fancy but also give You a good vibes and even energy. That’s why it’s a challenge to find a proper vase on the Internet with a huge selection.
So last weeks searching for special pieces, I stumbled across a new Palladio Collection from Leonardo. Immediately i decided for myself, I have to get several vases for the living room, because beautiful shapes and warm colors suit perfectly the wooden furniture. Another thing I love about them is, that depends on the flowers and deco pieces, vases can have different “looks”, depends on your mood. And not to forget the touch of my beloved Scandinavian style they bring into your space.
I hope you enjoyed my first interior post. Wish you a great rest of the week!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Statement on weekends

Wearing: Dress, Jeans, Heels: Zara // Necklace: Happiness Boutique (find it here) //
Sunglasses: Wolfnoir (find them here) // Watch: Cluse (find them here) //
Wallet: Status Anxiety (find it here) //

It's all about statement pieces today. But not to look “overstyled”, try to keep the rest of the look very simple and in one color scheme . If you go for a black one, there is always a win situation – black lets you look elegant and statement pieces like necklace or wallet in wild colors (from Status Anxiety) make your outfit more interesting and eye-catching.

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Wish you a great sunday!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Black power

Wearing: Sweatshirt: Acne // Skirt and Shoes: Zara // Bag: Mango // Sunglasses: Threadetiquette// Watch: Daniel Wellington// Bracelet: ThePeachBox//

I was always wondering how it can be possible to running the whole day around exploring new city and still to look stylish. Actually the secrets are simple.
As I mentioned in the latest Outfit post, the first thing about such looks are comfortable but still “pretty” shoes. The second are the key pieces from your wardrobe like the Acne sweatshirt for me, which makes every look immediately more interesting and stylish. The third thing is about colors and textures. If you go for a total black look like me this time, do not forget to mix the materials, otherwise it will be simply boring. So in this case take the leather skirt or biker jeans and you will be on point.
Wish you an amazing end of the weekend!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn wishlist: camel and black


1. Gucci wool coat; 2. Jimmy Choo pointed flats; 3. Proenza Schouler turtleneck sweater; 4. Alexander Wang boyfriend jeans; 5. Tom Ford sunglasses; 6. Kiki de Montparnasse triangle bra; 7. Larsson & Jennings Watch; 8. Saint Laurent cardholder; 9. Saint Laurent Sac de jour

Monday, August 31, 2015

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne


For me personally the most important everyday accessory is the perfume. Without it i feel myself not only uncomfortable nut even naked. That’s why it’s very important to choose the one which will match you and your personality. Lately I’m not only in using all the time the favorite ones but also in trying to find something new.
I’ve been using the Lady Million by Paco Rabanne since it’s been out so you can image how exited i was to discover a new eau de parfum Olympéa, an sensual and irresistible fragrance for the "modern day Cleopatra".


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunny in London

Wearing: T-Shirt, Shorts: H&M // Bag: Mango // Sandals: Zara // Watch: Waldorcompany (find them here) //
Necklace: Shashi // Sunglasses: Wolfnoir (find them here) // Bracelet and Ring: ThePeachBox //

When it comes to travelling outfits it becomes always complicated. It should be not only comfortable but also looks nice. The most important is always a right shoes! You need to be in the whole day, strolling through the streets exploring new city. The rest of the look you should match with them. And not to forget the chic accessories – the will always give your outfit a nice chic note.
I hope you like this post and wish you an amazing start of the week!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inspiration: wear essentials and stay "in fashion"


Clear lines, pure colors, masculine silhouettes - i would say definitely YES to this way of casual but luxury way of styling. Thanks to Joseph Ressort'16 we can still look elegant even in basics.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wishlist: classic bags


When it comes to the first ever designer bag, you need to pay attention to several aspects. First of all is your lifestyle. If you go to the office or university every day (like me), you need to get the most practical bag – for every occasion. The next point is the color of course! Not only because i adore the black in general, but also for the first investment it’s a perfect color, because it goes simply with everything! The next thing to think about is the type and size of the bag. I’m not type of the person to carry the whole life with myself but there is also need to be space for several essentials which can’t be put into the little crossbody bag for example. So as you see it’s not a simple choice at all. On the collage above I showed you my favorite models. Which one is your personal favorite?


Saturday, July 11, 2015

In harmony with nature

Wearing: Boho Top: Chicwish (find it here) // Denim Shorts: Sheinside (find them here) //
Watch: Daniel Wellington // Sunglasses: Wolfnoir (find them here) //

Today was again not only warm or hot, but extremely Hot day! For me it’s always a perfect occasion to spend the whole day in the garden in a shadow of trees, to lay on a grass with some good book or magazine. And not to forget very important thing – relaxing day for my skin, because on weekends i never use make-up (except I’m going out in the evening). So chose for this a beautiful breezy shirt from Chicwish paired with mini ripped shorts.
I hope you like these photos and wish you an amazing weekend and start of a new week!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Safari in the city

Wearing: Dress and Bag: Karen Millen (find them here and here ) // Watch: Paul Vice (here) //
Bracelet and Necklace: Shashi //

Continue to talk about basics. Dresses are the good example of a basic pieces in our wardrobes. And not only the little black dresses! Dark green (safari) for a summer is a new black. Even if you don’t like wearing dresses a lot (like me) it’s not a reason not to have one.
Because there are always some days to come, when you would like to look like a lady, right?


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Edgy simplicity


EN. Now is the perfect time to start collecting inspiration for the upcoming autumn season. Presenting you a new fashion name for me Oak. It was a love from the first sigh – dark, monochrome colors, simple silhouettes. Mostly i was amazed by the edgy and masculine designs. Perfect to create the grunge look with some sporty touch of sneakers. But, only image these looks compared with elegant pointed pumps! I think, it could be everything!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Best of Sales on Net-A-Porter: Shoes

1. Isabel Marant with snake-effect; 2. Gianvito Rossi in Python ; 3. Reed Krakoff in mesh; 4. Roza Acne Studios ;
5. Saint Laurent Jane; 6. Jimmy Choo Deckle elaphe; 7. J. Crew with calf hair; 8. Jimmy Choo Vanquish elaphe;

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back to classics

Wearing: Silk Blouse: Doll-Memories (find it here) // Blazer, Jeans, Heels: Zara // Bag: Mango // Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear // Necklace: Stacked Beauty Fully (find it here ) // Bracelets, Ring: Nialaya (find them here and here and here) //

I absolutely adore everything around our basics or better to say classic pieces in our wardrobe. As a bootcut jeans which are so in right now or a simple silk blouse compared with a classy blazer. Don't forget a high heels and accessories of course - jewelry pieces and a small bag - and you are perfectly prepared for a friday day in the office or even for a cocktail party.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blossoms in the air

Wearing:Leather jacket: Choies // T-Shirt: Le Motto // Ripped Jeans: Sheinside (find them here) // Sandals, Bracelet: Zara // Clutch: Neat to (find it here ) // Watch: Daniel Wellington //

As you already probably know from my Instagram, i’m a huge fan of a ripped boyfriend jeans. But sometimes I’m tired even of my favorite pieces. So there is sometimes a time to come for changes. Like also ripped ones but this time black skinny jeans. In this case you should be always careful with them because of the blurred line between elegant and “over” detailed. But with monochrome look you can never do something wrong! Wish you a great Sunday and a start in new week!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Bare legs and platforms

Wearing: Coat: Vitstyle (find ithere) // Crop top: Oasap (find it here) // Skirt, Bracelet: Zara // Bag: Mango // Watch: Paul Vice (find them here) // Platforms: Deichmann (find them here) //

EN. This year it took quite a long time till we can finally go out with a bare legs. To the mini skirt suits perfectly the new trend Platforms which I remember from my childhood. Thanks to Deichmann where i found not only a perfect model for this summer but also a comfortable ones, which I can where the whole day without a pain. Wish you an amazing and sunny weekend!

DE. Hallo meine Lieben! Nach dem langen Überlegen habe ich mich doch entschlossen, noch auf Deutsch mein Blog zu führen. Seit den letzten paar Wochen bekomme ich mehr Kommentare auf Deutsch, daher ich denke, ihr würdet euch auch freuen, auf dieser Sprache meine Blogeinträge zu lesen :) Würde mich natürlich sehr über Kommentare zu dieser Neuigkeit freuen :) Ich wünsche euch ein sonniges Wochenende!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stripes and denim: wishlist


Friday, May 15, 2015

Way to wear oversized sweatshirt

Wearing: Sweatshirt: Acne // Pants, Heels: Zara // Bag: Mango // Earrings: HolySeald // Bangle and Ring: Edge of Ember (find it here ) //

When it comes to black, there is always a challenge not to look boring. One of the ways to deal with it is to play with forms of the separate pieces. Particularly when it's also about finding a perfect combination to the super oversized (this one is even in XS!) sweatshirt and not to look “big” in it.

That’s why the rule number one (if you are also so small like me) is always high heels! The second one is to wear super skinny jeans or ¾ pants like these silhouettes – they will make you look tall. And the third and last one – accessories. They are always one of the important parts in every outfit but especially in such ones.

So I hope i helped you again little bit to make a first step into trying something new :) And i wish you all a beautiful and sunny weekend!

Shop the look:

Monday, April 27, 2015

Delicate lace


EN. Let’s talk about something important for us women, underwear and specially bras. I think, it's not only me having a troubles with finding a perfect one, which from one side fits perfect, particularly if you have a small size. And from other side, also looks great.

It was such a long time since I’ve started to search for a perfect one but without any success. Till one day i discovered a german brand Hunkemöller. The first thing i felt in love with is so many different and amazing designs for every taste! Like this black one with lace. Even if it looks very simple but i find it very special and elegant, because you can wear it every day for any occasion – for work or going out under the transparent blouse. And also not to forget is the amazing quality and fitting of this delicate piece!

Also I would love to present you a new sport collection from Hunkemöller, which i stumbled up on their online store last week. You can find the whole outfit for your workout or yoga session with propriate accessories. To be honest, i’m not a big fan of any kind of sport. Luckily, i don’t need it (yet) for my body, but slowly need it for my health. But the discovery of this collection was accepted as a sign and motivation to make a first step in a new sporty life. So excited to try them out for the first time! I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you an amazing week!


Friday, April 17, 2015


Wearing: Jacket: Oasap (find it here) // Jeans, Booties: Zara // Sunglasses: Oasap (find them here) //

Lately i'm into trying new combinations, proportions and fabrics. Spring is here, so even for me it's little bit boring to put on only total black outfits (but sometimes it's still the case ;)). This time i went for a strong contrast - classy white with black. To make the look more interesting just try to play with lengths - mini dress over the jeans, which is longer than the jacket. And here we are with comletely new and different styling :) Wish you a great weekend!

Shop the look:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Brush wonder

11 klein

Hello my dear readers! Today i'm very excited to share this article with you, because this is my first ever beauty post! That's why i would really appreciate your feedback after reading it. So, let's start!

Lately one of the popular topics going around the internet are the electronic devices with all their pro and contras, which should work wonders on our skin! So trying to make my own opinion, i got my hands on a face brush from not so hyped brand – the Spin For Perfect Skin by Vitagoods.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Springtime is for trenchs

Wearing: Trenchcoat: H&M // Shirt, Jeans: Zara // Heels: Jumex // Bag: Mango // Sunglasses: Triwa (find them here) // Watch: Paul Vice (find it here) // Bangle and Ring: Edge of Ember (find it here) // Earrings: HolySead (find them here) // Nail covers: ImPress //

EN. For all trench lovers the spring is a perfect time of a year! Also me, the lover of black, took my beloved coat out of the wardrobe with the the first warm portion of the sun. One of my favorive combination is simple black pumps and ripped jeans. Especially the contrast of the dark blue with light coat makes look more interesting.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring wishlist: Sheinside


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New old favs

Wearing: Jacket: BlackFive (find it here) // Jeans: Miss Sixty // Hat: Floralpunk // Heels: Zara // Bag: Mango //

EN. Don't follow the trends or opinions of others, just be yourself! Trends are coming and going away but your own style will stay with you forever. Of course i'm always trying to stay updated with all fashion news and trends but it doesn't mean to wear only these trends! Like this bootcut jeans, which i have already for so many years and still love so much. And not because they are in trend now (again) but simly because it's me! So my word to you - stay yourself and listen only to yourself!

Shop the look:

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's all about beanie

Wearing: Beanie: Rebonnes (fine it here) // Cape: Oasap (find it here) //

EN. Today we had a first sunny day but it's still pretty cold outside. So the spring on calendar is not really a reason to put your beanies away! That's why i'm showing you today this amazing black wool beanie! Why this one from Rebonnes is so special? Of course because of the cute fur pompon. Of course because of it's cute fur pomponm, which immediately gives your beanie and even the whole look more intersting twist!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Dark combination

Wearing: Cape: Oasap (find it here) // Pants, Booties: Zara // Bag: Mango // Hat: FloralPunk //

EN. Even if it's a spring on a calendar already, it's still pretty cold outside to go out without warm clothes. But during this long winter we are so tired of big jackets and coats, so a perfect solution for this problem - big and cozy scarf or cape (like this one from OASAP), which not only keep you warm but also let you look chic and elegant.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tiny pieces

Wearing: White Blouse, Black shirt: Zara // Necklaces: Stacked Beauty Fully (find them here and here) //

EN. I was searching pretty long time for a perfect stacked necklace. And finally i found the amazing ones in gold with 3 rows at online shop Stacked Beauty Fully - beautiful pieces in different variants with great quality and to amazing prices - really advise to you!. From one side the necklaces are so simply and classy, but from other hand modern and chic!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Working time

Wearing: Coat: Oasap (find it here) // Pants, Booties: Zara // Bag: Mango //Watch: Paul Vice(find it here)//

EN. Today’s look is all about elegance in a casual way for every day in office life. I find it always pretty difficult to find a balance between a fashion and a office style because in most cases it can be simply boring. One of the perfect solution for this problem I found with those wide-legs pants. Just pare it with black turtleneck, simple jacket and pointy heels- and that’s it!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wishlist: Sheinside


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pointy situation

Wearing: Jacket: BlackFive (find it here) // Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger // Flats: Zara // Bag: Mango //

EN. It's still pretty hard for me to find something suitable in online shops without trying it on or touching the fabric. But sometimes i see one piece and know immediately, that yes, it is and i need it! I'm pretty sure that feeling is also familiar to you ;) The same was with this black jacket from BlackFive - the modern shape, the fabrics and color of course :) It's perfect not only because you can wear it now in winter time and also in a cold spring days, but also because you can mix it almost with every piece from your wardrobe! Simply love it and this is not the last outfit with it for sure!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark elegance

Wearing: Sweater: Oasap (find it here // Leather skirt, Bag, Booties: Zara //

EN. How can black color be boring? I have still another opinion on this, because black will be always in fashion, will let you always look chic! One of the rules of wearing black is playing with the textures. Lately one of the favorite mix is a oversize knit and leather. With leather you will never go wrong, particularly paring it with some heels and shopper bag


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Minimalistic obsession


EN. Actually i'm not posting so often editorials and reviews of new collection (maybe i should) but this time i couldn't not to share with you this Collection Pre-Fall 2015 by The Row. The minimal designs in neutral "rich" colors in perfect shapes - exactly what i'm waiting for from every new collection of big designers! I think there are no more words needed - the photos are talking for themselves. And of course, applause to Olsens!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cozy at home with DW

Wearing: Sweater, Jeans: Zara // Watch: Daniel Wellington (find them here) //

EN. What can be better than spending the weekend off with chinky knit, boyfriend jeans and my beloved watch from Daniel Wellington? Today i have a surprise for you - with the code "holiday_daydream" you can get the 15% off on your purchase on the till 15.01.15! Have a great start in a new week, my dear readers!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Casual in camel

Wearing: Coat: Elite99 (find it here // Scarf, Jeans, Boots, Sweater: Zara // Bag: Chicnova //

EN. Hello my dear readers. Here is finally the first post of the new year! First of all would love to introduce my new Blog design. I hope, you already noticed it:) The first new thing is the menu above, where you can find everything you need or you can also search for stuff in the field on the right sidebar. The next new feature is the possibility to pin the photos which you like on your pinterest- just put the mouse on the picture and you will see the “Pin” Button. I really hope that you like this design much more better than the old one, and you will use some of its features.
Now little bit about this casual outfit, which was shooting in Amsterdam last week. In this season such types of outfit are became my fav ones because it’s comfortable, cozy but from also fashionable. As you know, the camel coat is a must-have lately, so it can be wearable not only in the classy way but also in more casual, like with a pair of biker boots. Have a great start in a new week!

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